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Travel Tips

Internet access is widely used. Wi-Fi connection is available in most of the hotel free of charge.

Mobile Phone

Can buy Pre paid sim-card and Top-up cards.


VISA & MASTER CARDS are accepted-but we strongly recommend o bring along cash (USD) in excellent condition “Money Exchange” should be mode only in official exchange counter & hotels. The currency of Myanmar is in Kyat – 10000Ks, 5000Ks, and 1000Ks, 500Ks, 200Ks, 100Ks and 50Ks.


As Myanmar has tropical monsoon climate it will be wise to bring along hat & an umbrella. Light casual cotton is most appropriate for the whole year around. When going to hilly regions, bringing sweater is smart.


“Myanmar” is national language and English is widely used throughout the country.


Myanmar uses 220-250V AC. Main power resources is from the hydropower plant. The Blackouts are common in Dec:-to June.


80% of Myanmar people are Buddhist. There are also Christians, Muslin and Hindus.


GMT + 6.5


A valid passport with Myanmar entry visa is required. Visa is for 28 days and extendable for 14 days.


Foreign currency above US$2000, jewellery, camera and electrical goods must be declared at the customs counter at the airport on arrival. Export of antiques & archaeologically valuable items are prohibited.


All travelers should not forget to bring medication which you are regularly taking. Medication for diarrhea and insect repellent may be needed. Drinking tap water may not safe for you.