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Mandalay, the Second Largest City of Myanmar

Mandalay, the royal capital of Myanmar’s last dynasty, is located between the Ayeyarwaddy River and Shan plateau. Mandalay is famous for having reverend gilded Mahamuni Buddha image and fine art works. The ritual daily face washing ceremony performed by senior monk is the most distinct of all ceremony in Mandalay. Sayadaw (senior monk) performs the act of cleaning, the image of Buddha’s teeth with large brushes and cleans the face with fresh towels. Sandal woods pastes are applied to the image and clean it again with towel.

Mandalay Around

Shwe Nandaw Monastry

The masterpiece of Myanmar last Kingdom’s architecture in teak and wood carving.

Kuthodaw Pagoda

Renounced as the world largest book for its stone slab of Buddha sculptures.

Mandalay Hill

Natural watch tower in the plain region of Mandalay. As a vintage point for panoramic view of the city, people mostly spend the evening time on top of the hill to watch sunset and to view.

Mahamyatmuni Pagoda

Believed to be cast in bronze in front of Buddha himself and now a day glided with thick gold leaves.

U Bein Bridge

1.2Km long, the world longest teak wood bridge. 250 years old this bridge spans a cross the Taung Thaman Lake to a small village.


The religion institute situated in Amarapura near U Bain Bridge. More than 3000monks in different ages are studying Buddha’s teaching there.